Real Estate Confidentiality Agreement


The prospective buyer of the business for sale agrees to be bound by the following:

1 . All information of a confidential nature disclosed to the Prospective Buyer (including to Agents, legal & other advisors) may not be disclosed to any other party prior to, during or subsequent to the entering into by the Prospective Buyer of a contract.

2 . All records of the Business for sale, financial, intellectual or otherwise are confidential and must remain so.

3 . This deed does not prevent any party making a disclosure required by law and does not include information normally in the public domain.

4 . The Prospective Buyer acknowledges information supplied by the Agent:

a) Is provided by and on behalf of the Business Owner.

b) Is not guaranteed by the Agent and it shall be the responsibility of the Prospective Buyer to do whatever is reasonably necessary at its own expense to verify such information.

5 . The Agent is not acting as an investment or financial advisor.

6 . The Prospective Buyer confirms the Agent, having supplied the material requested by the Prospective Buyer does so as Agent only and as such bares no responsibility for the accuracy thereof or any errors or mis-descriptions contained therein and the Prospective Buyer will not hold the Agent liable for any loss or damage sustained with respect to reliance on such information.

7 . All information and material provided under this Deed will be returned, destroyed or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the Business Owner’s instructions if no contract is entered into.

8 . All contact with the Business Owner must be organized through the Agent.


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Your Privacy Is Protected

We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. We may need to provide it to contractors who supply services to us e.g. to handle mailings on our behalf, external data storage providers etc. however, we take reasonable steps to ensure your information is protected as required under the Privacy Act. From time to time, we may use your contact details to send you direct marketing, updates and newsletters that are relevant to the services we provide, however we always give you the option of electing not to receive these communications in the future by unsubscribing and we will no longer send this information to you.

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