Buying a Rent Roll

Buying a business for sale

Buying A Rent Roll For Sale

Buying a rent roll will reward you for many years to come. However there can be some complicated and challenging hurdles to overcome first.
This is where CPI Business Sales can help with not only finding the right rent roll for sale to match your needs, but also assist with making the buying process as seamless as possible.

Why buy a rent roll

There are many reasons why you would buy a rent roll, and the following are some typical reasons.
Establish a new Property Management arm to your business
Leverage off economies of scale with maximising efficiencies
Create a pool of potential sales opportunities from within the business

What is the buying process

Having an idea of the process involved is important and should include the following milestones.
Business Review – CPI Business Sales can review your rent roll needs and find a rent roll to match your unique situation.

Marketing Campaign – CPI Business Sales can act as a buyer’s agent and target real estate agencies in your area. We will professionally and discretely contact the agencies to find the right rent roll for you.

Negotiation of Sale – CPI Business Sales acts as a professional intermediary between parties to achieve a desirable outcome while making the process as stress free and seamless as possible. We will work with you to determine an appropriate price within the negotiation.

Exchange of Contracts – CPI Business Sales understands and uses specific Rent Roll sale contracts that cover off things like restriction of trade, retention’s, first and second settlements. We work closely with both the buyers and sellers legal advisors to achieve a satisfactory agreement and keep the whole process on track.

Pre-Settlement – CPI Business Sales has checks and balances throughout the process to make sure both buyer and seller have completed all assignments, disclosures and warranties to allow settlement to complete. We work with all parties concerned to keep the deal on track.

Settlement – CPI Business Sales are there to assist in both first and second settlements to ensure all parties are satisfied to complete the transaction.

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